Monday, February 14, 2011

of travelling and surviving

Someone commented that i lead an interesting life and have a very interesting blog... hmmm ironic really since it's been so long since i've updated... but well, thanks alot =D

How's my life been so far? Well i missed a metro bombing in Moscow last year and very recently, on the day i was due to fly to Paris, there was a suicide bombing in the arrival terminal of the main Moscow airport, Domodedova, leaving 35 dead and 130 injured. i was transiting in Coppanhagen airport when i heard the news, and let me tell you it is not some memory i would be likely to forget...

i m extremely lucky. Have been throughout the whole trip as well. Thank Buddha for that. Someone speculated that it was because i am a nice person. hmmm karma coming in play? I thank that person abundantly, but i doubt i have done so much good in my life to warrant escaping deaths... Someone up there in the skies must really love me, and i thank You.

and yes, i do take care of myself and try not to take risks (most of the time) but really, when someone explodes in front of you i believe the only thing you Can do is say "cheers" and hope by god that you have lead a good life, and done enough good to either grant an entry into the pearly gates, or go crashing into hell fiery demon that you are =D

will start my travel journals soon enough, happy valentines to all. Coincidently, this day is also random act of kindness to strangers day, and also on 1876, 14th february, Alexander Graham Bell patented his famous invention, the telephone. burn your phone bills you lovers out there =D

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