Sunday, September 25, 2011


labels. we give them to everyone. the tall one, the short one. the funny one. the fugly one (!). the fat one. the hot one. the creepy disgusting nerdy one. the lone black dude. the white nerd. the asian geek.

Labels tend to be an easy, convenient method for shelving people into parts of our (seemingly organized) brains. Evolution, single-serving, 1st impressions, call it what you will, but no matter how PC we try to make ourselves (Politically Correct lah), we tend to just stick to the big picture. It's easier. Saves time.

Labels: is it fair though? Well, it all depends. Is it racial stereotyping? Do we automatically assume that just because a person is black that he likes fried chicken? Or that a Chinese fellow is good in math? Or an indian person loves spicy food? Or a malay person is much more brand-conscious? Is it fair to label someone according to race group by traits that supposedly these people are genetically prepositioned to have?

Labels, again is it fair to use them on everyday people, by just calling someone the funny man just because he is full of jokes and always expecting him to entertain you. All. The. Time. Or is it fair to use labels to mark the quiet person as anti-social, anti-party, anti-conversation and just ignore them, giving them their own space and automatically assuming they wont want to come? Again it all depends. Are these labels fair? Do these people go out of their way to make themselves the loudest in the group? the funniest? Do they primp and style themselves to make themselves stand out? or do they just stand in a corner, ignoring advances?

Labels are fundamentally human, we are evolved to constantly spot patterns and judge as such, these help us make decisions, but unfortunately this makes us prone to jumping to conclusions. Behind each label we assign, there is a human being, full of complex emotions; a personality enigma that will probably take us a lifetime to understand, and even more so, because honestly, deep down, who really understands themselves? But on the other end of the spectrum, do we even have time to try and understand every single person we come across in life?

Labels. Fair? you be the judge

Saturday, September 17, 2011

i've always wanted to blog about my travels, my stories, my days, my life... but somehow, i just cant seem to put my thoughts down into words.... nothing i can type seems to be able to justify my memories...

Let's just say, i have amazing friends and crazy stories :) Live your own experiences

Friday, September 16, 2011

Peas and carrots

I've always viewed life as a joke.

What defines a good joke? usually a story, not too long, not too short, just enough to keep the audience mesmerized, with a twist at the end of the tale. or a riddle, with just enough of a pun or a twist to get the reaction of surprise, the guffaw, the burst of LOL-ness, the snorting and the trololols and wakakas. A good joke, is one that delivers a sufficient enough twist, a satisfying payload, a punchline, if you will, that is both unexpected as it is borderline relevant.


Everything is so funny. things unfolded expectantly, and the only constant thing about life is how absurdly inconstant it was, how inconsistent, how irregular. Everything unfolds in one direction, then ends in another; everything feels like unwrapping a square shaped package to reveal a round object, or walking down a staircase to find yourselves at the top floor. Or walking into a bar with a priest, a monk or a rabbi.

Like revealing the punchline at the end of a joke, the more unexpected, the better.

Expecting the unexpected becomes a norm, then the norm becomes the riddle, and suddenly the expected is unexpected, the straight becomes the crooked, the corners become the bends.

The villain lives, the hero dies. the duck walks, the chicken flies. the undertaker laughs, the clown cries. the balloon drops, the anvil floats up high.

life is a form of humor. black. dark. light. bright. funny. depressing. whatever.

Life is funny. laugh.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

i just had a dream.

It was a good dream.
And a bad dream.
It let me imagine the impossible, live out the incredible, go through the beautiful.

Broken strings can't be made whole and perfect again. Dead things can't breathe.
Only in dreams.

It was a good dream. A bad dream that made me dream.

But it was only just a dream...

Monday, February 14, 2011

of travelling and surviving

Someone commented that i lead an interesting life and have a very interesting blog... hmmm ironic really since it's been so long since i've updated... but well, thanks alot =D

How's my life been so far? Well i missed a metro bombing in Moscow last year and very recently, on the day i was due to fly to Paris, there was a suicide bombing in the arrival terminal of the main Moscow airport, Domodedova, leaving 35 dead and 130 injured. i was transiting in Coppanhagen airport when i heard the news, and let me tell you it is not some memory i would be likely to forget...

i m extremely lucky. Have been throughout the whole trip as well. Thank Buddha for that. Someone speculated that it was because i am a nice person. hmmm karma coming in play? I thank that person abundantly, but i doubt i have done so much good in my life to warrant escaping deaths... Someone up there in the skies must really love me, and i thank You.

and yes, i do take care of myself and try not to take risks (most of the time) but really, when someone explodes in front of you i believe the only thing you Can do is say "cheers" and hope by god that you have lead a good life, and done enough good to either grant an entry into the pearly gates, or go crashing into hell fiery demon that you are =D

will start my travel journals soon enough, happy valentines to all. Coincidently, this day is also random act of kindness to strangers day, and also on 1876, 14th february, Alexander Graham Bell patented his famous invention, the telephone. burn your phone bills you lovers out there =D

Sunday, October 31, 2010

DST ends

starting tonight at 3am, time will be pushed up one hour as DST ends....

if only time could really be pushed back at will

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Top 10 Things To Do When You're Single‏

(my friend sent me this article from Askmen, i think its good advice)

Whether you've been single for a while, were recently dumped, or decided to kick your ex to the curb, there are many advantages to flying solo. Not to worry, you won't be bored; here are some tips on what you should do with your newfound time.

10. Work out

Everyone knows that we tend to get lazy when we have someone. Some men shave less often, while some women dress less sexy. These may be stereotypes, but surely you agree. If this is so, then why not take advantage of your newfound single status and hit the gym? For one, you will get in shape and feel better about yourself, and second, who knows, you may meet someone that catches your eye while on the treadmill.

9. Seize the moment

I know many will blast me here, but you need to get it all out of your system, especially if she did the dumping. Is there a female friend you always wanted to get to know better? Well, get to know her. Is there a spot you wanted to hit? Take a trip. Did you want to try a new haircut or style? Now is the time. Whatever you do, be careful, but go all out. Nothing sucks more than missed opportunities.

8. Be bad
I am not going to urge anyone to have sex in a church, slap a priest, cause harm to others, or any such deviant practice (well, the first one may be cool...), but do things that will make you feel young and slightly carefree. While some men play the good boy next to their bad girlfriend, most men are usually forced to tame up a bit when they are taken, so when you are single, go crazy; it's debauchery time.

7. Volunteer

We are always caught up in our own world, rarely seeing beyond the tip of our noses. One great way to open one's blinders is to help others. Not only will you meet interesting people, but you'll also get some perspective into your life and will likely end up cherishing what you have even more.

6. See your friends

My friends make fun of me for going out often... very often. They tease me even more when I meet someone interesting because my focus changes -- drastically. While this is slightly normal, I do urge all men to never forget the boys; the boys will be there for you when (and if) things end, but she may not. So if you happen to be single, then make sure that you enjoy your friends' company and always show them your gratitude.

5. See your family

One of my personal concerns is not seeing my family nearly as often, or as much, as I should and desire. Reasons range from work and social life to other matters, so if you happen to free up some time after saying goodbye to the ex, then take the opportunity to visit the folks, take out the siblings and even say "hey" to the grandparents.

4. Take a vacation

While it is indeed great to take a trip with a loved one, it may be twice as good to take a trip with friends or even by yourself. There is no better way to find yourself, seek new avenues and clear your head. So leave the pictures of the ex at home and head out for some adventure.

3. Improve yourself

This is an extension of working out, but it entails improving one's diet, getting rid of nasty habits, finding your dream job, and doing what you have always set out to do but never had the chance to. I know, easier said than done but trust me, nothing will make you forget what's-her-name faster.

2. Explore a new world

So you limit yourself to Sports Illustrated , macaroni and cheese, and beer? Why don't you try something else for a change? No, I am not encouraging you to read Henry David Thoreau's Walden (although it is a good read), but you should do something new and different. Trust me, you will thank me for it.

1. Look ahead

Yes, you should live in the moment, take the plunge and seize the opportunities. But one must also ask where they came from to know where they are going. No one needs a 25-year plan laid out; I don't know where I'll be in 25 days . But if you wish to attain your goals, then you need some sense of direction.