Friday, September 16, 2011

Peas and carrots

I've always viewed life as a joke.

What defines a good joke? usually a story, not too long, not too short, just enough to keep the audience mesmerized, with a twist at the end of the tale. or a riddle, with just enough of a pun or a twist to get the reaction of surprise, the guffaw, the burst of LOL-ness, the snorting and the trololols and wakakas. A good joke, is one that delivers a sufficient enough twist, a satisfying payload, a punchline, if you will, that is both unexpected as it is borderline relevant.


Everything is so funny. things unfolded expectantly, and the only constant thing about life is how absurdly inconstant it was, how inconsistent, how irregular. Everything unfolds in one direction, then ends in another; everything feels like unwrapping a square shaped package to reveal a round object, or walking down a staircase to find yourselves at the top floor. Or walking into a bar with a priest, a monk or a rabbi.

Like revealing the punchline at the end of a joke, the more unexpected, the better.

Expecting the unexpected becomes a norm, then the norm becomes the riddle, and suddenly the expected is unexpected, the straight becomes the crooked, the corners become the bends.

The villain lives, the hero dies. the duck walks, the chicken flies. the undertaker laughs, the clown cries. the balloon drops, the anvil floats up high.

life is a form of humor. black. dark. light. bright. funny. depressing. whatever.

Life is funny. laugh.

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